Game of Thrones vs The Walking Dead: What’s better?

HBO’s Game of Thrones and AMC’s The Walking Dead are two of the biggest shows on television right now. I can’t even scroll down my Facebook newsfeed without seeing a spoiler from either show.

Both boast hundreds of thousands of fans, the highest of ratings each week and millions of dollars in the creators’ pockets. But is one better than the other? Is it possible to compare a show about rotting corpses eating people and another about dragons set in medieval times? Everyone I ask about this is completely positive that one is DEFINITELY better than the other. Like, there’s no in between. It results in heated arguments over why such-and-such is a better character than that person, this event was cooler than that, blah, blah, blah.

So while there’s no exact right answer and it’s completely up to personal preference, I thought it’d be fun to pick out some of the best characters from both shows and pit them against each other to see who’s better. Let the best zombie/king slayer win.

Michonne vs Cersei Lannister: Fierce Warrior Queens


These women don’t mess around.

Both are strong, fierce, wildly protective mothers that would do anything for those they love, who have been through some tough shit in their lives which has turned them sort of cold. But can you blame them? I’d be curled up in the fetal position after seeing the things they’ve been through.

Michonne is probably the most bad ass character on The Walking Dead (cue Daryl Dixon fans gasping in horror) and will totally cut off your head with her sword if you cross her. Cersei will do the same, except  she’ll get someone else to cut your head off, because she doesn’t like doing the dirty work. So who’s better?

Well, Cersei has some amazing one liners (to King Robert after she establishes he’s being soft: “I should wear the armor, and you the gown.” shots fired.) and her complete lack of fucks given is actually inspiring. The smug smile she wears when things are going her way makes everyone want to kill her, but it’s amazing and we should all bow down to her.

But, Michonne could probably take on the entire zombie apocalypse by herself, if needed. She’s independent, smart and beautiful, and she’s the reason why the Governor only has one eye. She doesn’t let anyone mess with her and the two armless, jawless zombies she carried around for a while were awesome.

Also, Cersei birthed the literal spawn of satan (fuck you, Joffrey), so she loses this one.

WINNER: Michonne

Jamie Lannister vs Shane Walsh: Love to Hate


Complicated characters are the best. Do I love you because you’re bad? Do I hate you because you’re bad? Why do I like you?

I’m pretty much always having to remind myself why I don’t like Jamie Lanniser (see: him having sex with his sister, raping his sister, pushing a kid out of a window, etc) because sometimes that good looking smile reels me in. But in all honesty, he’s a pretty horrible person. Also, he’s in love with Cersei, so that pretty much sums up his life choices.

Then we have Shane Walsh, driven to the brink of insanity when he fell in love with his best friend’s wife Lori, and in a desperate attempt to have sex with her, told her that Rick was dead. When Rick comes back, Shane’s all, “I dun fucked up.” Yeah, you did, but to be fair, it would suck having to see the woman you’re in love with be with someone else. Oh, wait, that’s not an excuse for murderous actions. Shane, what the fuck?

Both of these guys are cold killers, in love with someone they shouldn’t be. They’ve done some horrible things but their characters are interesting and fun to watch. Still, only one can win, and I’m gonna go with Jamie, because he only has one hand and that sucks. Also, Shane’s dead, so he’s weak by comparison.

WINNER: Jamie Lannister

Daryl Dixon vs Tyrion Lannister: Fan Favorites


Okay, this one’s a hard one, because either way I’ll probably get hate mail from hardcore fans of these guys. Daryl and Tyrion are the largely favored characters with a huge fanbase, and it’s easy to tell why. These guys are both funny, loving, brave and just awesome overall.

Though they have their differences. Tyrion has a way with words that are relevant even in today’s world: “never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used against you” and “when you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you are only telling the world that you fear what he might say” are just two of the epic quotes that come from him. Daryl, on the other hand, not so much. The subtitles for him would say “inaudible reply” or “mumbling”, and he mostly communicates with squinted side glances or nods.

Daryl’s the southern red neck every girl fawns over (though we don’t know why, he hasn’t showered in, like, months) and Tyrion’s the underdog we’re all rooting for, facing up against his incredibly powerful and evil family. I can’t even default these guys for flaws because they basically have none. I mean, I’m aware they do, but I look past/ignore them because my affection for these characters is alarmingly high.


Sansa Stark vs Lori Grimes: Underappreciated Women

Okay, so admittedly pitting these two against each other is a little random. But I’ve noticed in both the GoT and TWD fandoms, these two ladies don’t get a lot of love. Is it because Lori’s annoying? Sansa’s a naive child? Why are fans so quick to hate female characters but not the male murderous male ones (looking at you, Jamie Lannister)?

Sansa and Lori are just trying to survive in the worlds they’ve been put in. Firstly, Sansa is a child, so obviously, she’s going to act like one. In the beginning of season one, she’s twelve! She has a naive outlook on love and life but she should, because she’s A CHILD. She loves girly things and is a sharp contrast to the beloved Arya, but just because she’s ‘girly’ doesn’t mean we have to hate her. Why are we hating feminine characters? Anyway, her character arc is interesting and I hope she’s going to turn out to be a bad ass AND a girly figure. Take that, world.

Lori hasn’t made the best decisions in the apocalypse, but she’s at least trying. After all, Shane told her that Rick was dead! What’s she going to do, sit around and weep all day? It’s completely fine to move on and she shouldn’t be punished for that. She’s a great mother to Carl and gave her life to birth Judith, so cut her some slack. She’s strong and smart, and even nine months pregnant she’s shooting zomies in the face. Awesome. She is, however, annoying for constantly palming Carl off to everyone else (“can you look after Carl?? Have you seen Carl?”).

In the end, Sansa’s the one who had to deal with nearly marrying Joffrey, so she’s a complete trooper. Also, her mother, father and brother have all been brutally murdered and she’s still soldiering on.

WINNER: Sansa Stark

Rick Grimes vs Ned Stark: Father Showdown

Here we have two middle aged men trying to do right in the crazy, evil world they live in. All they want is to protect their family from the outside threats while still maintaining who they are. Getting deep.

There’s Rick Grimes, father of two who’s leadership abilities are constantly tested. He’s always going against his word (tells the group they don’t kill the living, has a body count of like twelve people) but he has the group’s best interests at heart. Besides, he has the best written line on television ever: “I’m doing stuff, Lori. Things.” Never forget.

The death of Ned Stark at the end of season one was the worst thing ever. Ned was keeping everyone together, he was an amazing father to his kids and just outright bad ass. He’s the only one smart enough to realize King Baratheon’s kids weren’t really his kids and the only one tough enough to go up against Cersei.

Both these guys are loyal and brave, but most importantly, have amazing hair and beards. But who wins? Well, I’m gonna go Rick Grimes, because he’s lasted three more seasons and he just ripped some guy’s neck open with his teeth in the last episode of season four, so he deserves some kind of win.

WINNER: Rick Grimes

Do you agree with who I’ve chosen to win? Any other characters you’d pit against each other? And what’s better in your opinion – Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Let me know!


How to: Survive the Fault in Our Stars (a review/summary)

The Fault in Our Stars is completely gut wrenching to the point where it almost made me feel sick. You know that feeling you get in your throat when you know you’re about to cry but you don’t want to? Yeah, I had that for, like, 90% of the movie. Ugh. I didn’t even cry in A Walk to Remember but somehow this film got to me.

Let’s start from the beginning.

We’re introduced to Hazel Grace, a sixteen-year-old with some sort of cancer that affects her lungs. Understandably, Hazel doesn’t want to go to Support Group, but alas! She runs into Augustus Waters, who’s super cute in a weird way (am I attracted to him? Am I not? I don’t know???). He’s confident and flirtatious, and says things like “you’re beautiful” when they’ve only known each other for, like, two minutes. Whatever. Hazel goes back to cute-in-a-weird-way-guy’s house to watch movies. If this were real life these teenagers would definitely not be watching movies because anyone who’s anyone knows “movies and chill” = NOT movies and chill, and 100% booty call.

Instead, the two discuss books and Hazel tells Augustus her favourite is An Imperial Affliction. Augustus agrees to read it, and promises to call her once he’s finished. Once he does, he texts Hazel and she goes over to his house to talk about it.

This is when audiences are introduced to one of the side plots that later on is actually the main reason I cried – but I’ll explain further on. Their other support group friend, Isaac, is about to lose his eye to cancer (the only had one working, now he’ll be blind) and his girlfriend broke up with him before the surgery, because she couldn’t handle it. Um. Ok. Having a blind boyfriend means never having to look good again, so I don’t really understand her logic. Though I guess when you’re blind your other senses heighten, so she’d have to shave her legs, like, really well in case his touch sense is better. Or shower all the time in case he can smell her. But still, she’s a massive bitch and Augustus and Hazel are trying to calm him down, but he can’t be calmed, and instead breaks all of Augustus’s shit instead.

While Isaac does this, Augustus complains about how An Imperial Affliction has no ending. Hazel goes onto say how it’s believable, because people die all the time. Do you think this is a connection to how the ending of this movie will be??? Are they giving us a sign?? I hope no one dies.

After a few montage-y scenes of Hazel and Augustus getting closer, building a relationship, falling in love etc, Augustus reveals that he’s been emailing Peter Van Houten, the author of An Imperial Affliction. (Sidenote: Hazel says she’s written him fan mail but never gotten a reply. Why didn’t she try email like Augustus? Like… everyone uses technology these days? Ok, Hazel. Ok.) Van Houten invites them to Amsterdam to talk about the ending of his novel, but Hazel’s parents can’t afford to pay for her to go and the scene between her mother and Hazel is 105% sad. All she wants to do is make her daughter happy and healthy and she can’t do either. Sob.

Later on, Augustus shows up on Hazel’s door step with a bunch of flowers. Please stop being so perfect. By this time I’m like, yeah, you’re definitely hot. I mean, before, I was like ‘eh’. It’s weird how a personality can really lift someone’s looks (Andy Samberg, Maggie Gyllenhaal, etc).

Hazel and Augustus have a picnic where he admits he’s a virgin. At this point, my sister sitting next to me points out how there’s no way he’s a virgin with his charm and looks, even with one leg. Definitely agree, but for the sake of the story, carry on.

Augustus tells Hazel that he hasn’t used his “Wish” yet – something that’s not really explained but I’m guessing some organization offers a wish to each cancer patient. All I know is Hazel used hers on Disneyworld, but Augustus is happy to use his on Hazel to take her to Amsterdam. A+ boyfriend. Except they’re not together, so, A+ just friend. Around here is where every boy between the ages of 15-20 yells “FRIENDZONED” for the (not so funny) lols.

After a few bumps along the way (Hazel gets sick, goes to hospital, gets told she can’t go to Amsterdam!! But a few days later she’s alright and can go now. Anti-climax. Also, she tells Augustus she’s a grenade and he should stay away but he, like, can’t), Hazel and Augustus are finally on their way to Amsterdam. Oh, and Hazel’s mum tags along. Super awkward third wheeling.

When the two of them finally meet Peter Van Hauten, things go waaaay worse than expected. There’s a saying that goes “don’t meet your idol”, or something like that, because they’ll disappoint you. Hazel should’ve taken note. Peter’s a complete dick and talks some shit about how kids with cancer have privilege and everyone treats them too nice. I expect Augustus to punch him or do something cool and heroric, but he just kinda sits there (demoted to A- boyfriend) and instead Hazel yells at him and calls him douchepants.

They storm out and decide to visit the Anne Frank house, where we have long shots of Hazel struggling to walk up stairs because her “lungs suck at being lungs”. When they make it to the top, Hazel and Augustus kiss for the first time! People around them start clapping for some unknown reason. When I see teenagers kissing I give them a dirty look, but apparently in Amsterdam, it’s celebrated. After this, they escape to Augustus’s room and have awkward teenaged sex which is even more awkward to watch.

The next day Augustus asks Hazel to go for a walk, where he tells her HIS CANCER HAS RETURNED. CUE EVERYONE IN CINEMA CRYING. Except me – I just kept blinking really fast and choking back that feeling in my throat, repeating “it’s just a movie it’s just a movie it’s just a movie it’s not real” in my head. This method works, so in order to survive this movie, I suggest chanting that over and over. This scene will challenge you and probably make you cry, if you have a heart.

The three of them leave America, and back in their hometown it’s pretty apparent how bad Augustus’ health is getting. The second worst scene happens: Augustus stranded, sick, at a gas station, wanting to do something for himself. Ugh. Ansel Elgort does amazing in this scene, threatening to never forgive Hazel if she calls 911. Being a sane person, she does.

Not long after, Augustus makes Isaac and Hazel read out their eulogies for him while he’s still alive. Okay, this scene was when I cried: when Isaac explains how even if, in the future, technology allows him to see again, he wouldn’t do it, becacuse he doesn’t want to see a world without Augustus.


Hazel reads her eulogy for Augustus and that’s sad, too. Talks something about infinities and how she wishes Augustus had more time. I’m still thinking about Isaac’s speech, so I’m not really listening, but yeah, it’s sad. 170% of the audience is crying right now.

A few scenes later Hazel says “Augustus Waters died 8 days…” and by then I can’t really hear the rest of her sentence because of the loud sobs from those around me. A completely heart breaking scene of Hazel crying in bed makes me want to run out of the theatre but I don’t, I sit there in agony watching Shailene Woodley’s really, honestly, awesome performance.

At the funeral, Hazel sees Peter Van Houten there, and he tries to give her a piece of paper that everyone knows has something to do with Augustus but she’s all “No! I don’t care!” and everyone sighs. When Isaac tells her it’s actually from Gus, she panics, and goes back to her car to find the paper. Another montage follows of Hazel and Augustus, reminding us that they were SO IN LOVE AND NOW HE’S DEAD. HERE’S SOME SCENES TO REMIND YOU THAT HE, AUGUSTUS, IS DEAD. THAT THEIR ROMANCE IS DEAD.

In case you forgot.

Anyway, then she sits on the grass, crying and holding the paper close to her heart and then the movie ENDS just like that and I don’t even have enough time to wipe the tears from my eyes before the lights come on. Like, really? The funeral was five minutes from the end of the film. Don’t… have time… to process.. the emotions… that just happened.

How to survive the Fault in Our stars?

– tissues

– the chant I mentioned

– don’t see the movie in the first place

– don’t have emotions

– lots of junk food to shove in your face when the sad parts come on.

Let me know what you thought of the movie! Did you love it? Hate it? Cry? What part did you cry most in? If you didn’t cry, I wanna know! (So I can figure out what went wrong in your life to make you have no heart)